New Look

We are making some changes in this web site.  Keep checking back as new things are added bit by bit.  Thanks for stopping by!

Celebration Sale!

We’re so grateful to have our web site back and operational!  Celebrate with us by taking advantage of our special sale prices:  any book for $10!  Thanks for sticking with us during this difficult time.

Patience Appreciated

The downloads section should work.  All others are being rebuilt and revised.  Thanks for your patience!

Progress with the recent hack we are working out of

We have regained access to the site and are working to rebuild the parts that are missing.  We hope to have the booklet of the Prodigal Son available for download before the the weekend.  Thanks for your patience.


Skits for Older Students

Wendy Manker, C.S. wrote some delightful skits for us to use at one of the Vacation Bible Schools where I help out.  She has graciously granted permission for their not-for-profit use.  They may be downloaded from the section for older students.  Enjoy!

Welcome to Our Updated Site!

It took all summer working around camps but it’s finally here.  The “Products” section contains items for sale.  These sales support the web site and enable us to offer many things for free download.  Thanks you for supporting this work.

The “Free Downloads” section is now divided by categories to make it easier for you to find what you want to use. Only the category with the activity/coloring booklets retelling Bible stories will have things taken down and put up regularly (there are way too many of them to be up all the time!)  If you “like” our page on facebook you will get 1 weekly notification when new postings are up.  You can also message us there if you have requests.  Thanks for your patience this summer!

Summer schedule

I will be helping out at a number of Vacation Bible Schools and camps this summer so I will not be posting each week.  I will post Bible booklets for several weeks at a time.  Have a great summer!

Weekly Updates

I change the free downloadable offerings each week.  The Bible stories are non-denominational for the most part.  I will mention when I have added a denominational interpretation.  The choice for the weekly listings is usually determined by the Bible Lessons in the Christian Science Quarterly.  If you are interested in knowing when the postings are up for the week, please “like” my facebook page, KimMyersArt.  I promise not to monopolize your news feed!

Beginning Readers

I’ve had some requests for help with beginning readers.  “Safe in the Ark”  is written for readers who do not yet know what to do when there are 2 vowels together.  “Good Boy, Bad Boy”  the parable of the prodigal, would be the next in the sequence, introducing simple vowels combinations.  They are both posted for this week.

Fall Lesson Plans

Some of you are making plans ahead and have requested some specific things to engage the chidren you are working with.  I have a number of extra posts up right now.  I know that it is not as convenient to go through so many to find what you want.  I apologize for that.  I will return to the “slimmer” version in a few weeks!  In the mean time, do let me know if there is something you would find helpful.