Fall Lesson Plans

Some of you are making plans ahead and have requested some specific things to engage the chidren you are working with.  I have a number of extra posts up right now.  I know that it is not as convenient to go through so many to find what you want.  I apologize for that.  I will return to the “slimmer” version in a few weeks!  In the mean time, do let me know if there is something you would find helpful.


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    1. Kim MyersKim Myers Post author

      Thanks for asking, Marjorie,
      The “products page” tab on the menu at the top of my home page will bring up another menu on the right hand side. The area you are looking for is “free kid’s Bible activities”
      Beacause I have something like 200 of these activities I change some of them around at the beginning of each week. If you are on facebook and “like” my page you will usually recieve a notification of when new postings are up.
      I don’t change the pre-reader lessons as often. One of the features of these that I’ve found helpful is the lesson plan for the day written in a rebus format. The kids can then look at the lesson plan and know what to expect and what is expected of them. Most students will quickly get the hang of “reading” this chart. If you like the rebus lesson plans you will probably want to adapt them to your own needs. Your class may have different ideas to review. Singing works better with some classes than with others. Many of the lessons are actually units to be used for several weeks.
      I’ll put up a couple of extra ones for you to download. Let me know if there is something particular you are looking for. If I can get it, I’m happy to share it.
      Thanks for your willingness to work with pre-readers!

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